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Oral Intellect

Even after the hair-pulling SAT vocabularies, there are more out there continually breeding with foreign languages and roots, with famous scientist names, and random letters. The English language does not cease to diminish my confidence in consummation of the knowledge of vocabs. All credits go to dictionary.com. All vocabularies reproduced from dictionary.com

Om knows what we have forgotten and understands the terrible burden it is to live with amnesia of the divine even for a moment.

—Proof of Heaven

Direction in which the system proceeds back to equilibrium is such that the change is partially offset

—Le Chatelier’s Principle

deipnosophist \ dahyp-NOS-uh-fist \

Noun. a person who is an adept conversationalist at table.

I’m back!

For the past two years that my blog has been on hold for - unintentionally - I’ve met someone who has held just the opposite perspective from me of the power of language - worthless, fleeting and selfish. I believe words are the most elementary yet crucial form of communication any human being could have with one another and it can convey a lot about a person. It not only is a lens to look into a person’s mind but also their culture, generation, region, attitude, intellect, problems, personality and so much more. You can pave your way to a corporation by having a friend put in a good word for you. You can get a girl’s number if you compliment her shirt. You can get punched in the face if you piss someone off. You can receive huge scholarships that you wouldn’t be able to earn in five years with your current credentials. You can get away with a crime or not. You can move someone’s heart. You can be remembered as a person who saved a girl about to commit suicide. You can convert someone’s religion. You can gain recognition. You can enlighten someone of your childhood. You can mend the awkward silence in dinners. You can inspire someone. You can start a movement. You can lighten your heart by confession. You can intimidate someone. You can make someone laugh. Words are intangible things with great power. I have come across so many people who say things on impulse, who are unaware of how they’re presenting themselves by the choice of their words and people who just don’t see how saying the same the thing in a different way could just make their lives so much easier, hopeful and refreshing like when you have a coughdrop that makes your nostrils feel like an unobstructed wind tunnel. Many don’t realize the magnitude and power of words and I just wish we become more aware and educated about how it could empower, impact and change the direction and style of one’s life.

So here are some questions for you:

What are some words or expressions or things that people do that bother you about their oral intellect/expression? Do you feel that the English word  nowadays for the youth aren’t explored and used to its fullest capacity because of social media and the increase of colloquialism from celebrities, etc? Why are some people so oblivious of knowing what they say are going to hurt the listener? Why do some people feel satisfied at verbal abuse while some feel guilty after having executed them?image

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